Search Images Library by tags!

One of the most important rules we are following when making Darkan a better program is: “respect users time”. We know that nothing is more frustrating than a constant need of clicking same buttons to get to this one specific option/image/anything else you need.

That’s the reason why we added tags to the Images Library.

First screen of Library states clearly where you should write a tag.

2014-12-15 11_52_03-Darkan! - blog

After clicking on the bar, you will be presented with list of options, so you don’t need to write anything.

2014-12-15 11_52_16-Darkan! - blog

Only one click and done!

2014-12-15 11_50_26-Darkan! - blog

But if you still want to write something down, Darkan will show you list of all possible tags.

2014-12-15 11_53_14-Darkan! - blog

Easy and effective! That’s how we like it!

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